Holly J. LMT, MLD-C

Founder & Therapist 

Holly started Lymph Lyft after a long journey in the health and wellness field. Having a father who passed from cancer at a young age, she became determined early on to better understand all the facets of health that either contribute to one’s disease or one’s optimal well being. 

Inevitably she ran into her own health challenges that she couldn't easily find answers to beyond prescription medication. From inflammatory skin conditions to chronic tension she was tired of only being handed drugs for the symptoms of the problem and not getting at its root. Having an avid interest in holistic wellness and various forms of bodywork she found a path of healing for herself and clients.

 Once she began on this journey, many doors opened and she has expanded her practice to include new modalities. It brings her great joy to help clients restore balance in themselves both inside and out. 

In 2015 Holly studied at The Kekino Massage Academy in Dallas where she also became certified in Muscle Energy Technique and Craniosacral Therapy. After moving and becoming licensed in California she continued her studies in Oncology massage with Ojai Cares, AIS Stretch Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage at the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, Advanced Lymphatic Drainage, Brazilian lymphatic and modeling massage, Lypossage and TMJ Treatment with the LMT Success Group, and Body Contouring at the Texas Lasers Institute. She continues to study with multiple teachers as well as stay up to date on the latest technological advances in the field of lymphatic therapy, holistic beauty and wellness.